Colby the Audiophile

Friday, May 27, 2005

The sixth post.

Maybe I shouldn't update when im this tired... apparently at this point i cant even come up with a witty title so why am I even bothering? Well, to be blunt, its because im an idiot who has grown to like his little blog.

Just as i suspected, I was ridiculed for my "unique" previous post, but unexpected were the two comments I recieved from those I dont know. Interestingly enough, it seems the more radical your posts are, the more likely you are to receive comments from those you dont even know. I guess thats cool... just as long as you dont do what Polanco Vision did and post your own damn blog under my comments... thats just a bit uncourteous wouldnt you say? I mean, I know i was an idiot in my last post, but still, its all in good fun. You shouldnt go to someone elses blog and post a comment essentially saying "hey, i want my opinion to be heard so im going to start blogging on your blog!"

I dunno... i'm too tired to think and I cant really formulate any good arguments anyway. I'm dead. I tried fighting today. UFC submission style fighting. It was really fun, although I am sad to say I only lasted 4 minutes before I had a rather graphic reminder of what was for breakfast this morning. I dont know what happened. Maybe it was using all of my muscles and then relaxing afterwards or something, but after my turn was over for a second, my entire chest and abdomen muscles cramped up and I couldnt stand or breathe and my head was spinning to the point of irreversible nausea. After that was all done though, I could see, think, and walk clearly and straight and I was good to go again, even though it wasn't mono-a-mono. I did get a bruise though, right on my inner right bicep. It's not big enough to really be proud of, but i did have a time showing it off a little bit, hehe.

Ok, well, I'm about to pass out and I got my two cent's in for today, so we'll call it good.

Colby :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm in love with the American Idol

I don't think I've ever been this much of a "fanboy" until now, but i think after seeing this picture, everyone will agree (and props go out to these guys for creating and unintentionally letting me steal this image from them).

I honestly cannot believe how beautiful and talented and cute this girl is. I don't use the word "cute." That's how great she is. I even decided to center this entire post because im too lazy to go in and change the HTML but she looked much better in the center so i sacrificed my otherwise left-aligned norm just because of Carrie. I'm an official fan of her now, and if she sings anywhere near me, I'm going to try to be there, even in the off-chance I don't like her new songs. She is just that hot. Second day of work at Audio Connections is over, and I think its going to work out. It is definitely going to be an adjustment going from the "uptight" (which is ironically used very loosely here) JCPenney's to the carefree environment of Audio Connections where flipping-off your co-worker or even your boss is more than commonplace... But, I think I'll manage.

The only bad part about the new job going well is the replacement of the current job and coworkers. I think its time for a change, but I will admittedly miss the fun I have had in the past almost-a-year with them all. So, the countdown begins and after 6 more days of work at JCP, my days there will sadly be over.

Well, I guess thats about all for now, so, until next time... adios!

omg carrie is so stunningly, jaw-droppingly gorgeous and her voice is nothign short of incredible omg omg OMG my friends are all going to shoot me now for acting like such a jackass but omg shes so hot

Monday, May 23, 2005

The long awaited 4th post.

Well, I suppose its time to update now that a few events have transpired in my life.

To begin with, I went to see Star Wars - Episode III, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Lucas did an incredible job of taking the disappointing first episodes and somehow tying them into the the beloved "middle" episodes rather seamlessly. All in all, I've gotta say that just about all my questions were answered (or should I say answers were questioned since I knew the outcome before the initial case?). My main gripe concerns R2-D2 and his uncanny sense of droid combat as well as Darth Vader and my own perception of a size inconsistency... which few of my friends seem to agree on. Also, I wanted to know a little bit more about Chewbacca and how he and Han got together... but oh well. You would think that since Star Wars has a considerably larger following than LOTR, Lucas would have used his 20 years to build the most comprehensive story possible to appease all of his fans. I mean, this movie was only 2 hours and 20 minutes long.... The Return of the King (although this was obnoxiously long) was nearly 4 hours, but it was complete in almost every way imaginable. George- I've gotta say, even though I enjoyed your saga much more, Peter Jackson did do a better job of tying his stories together and leaving no room for error.

Ok, now that it is officially established that I am a nerd/dork/geek, I'm going to switch topics over to my new job, which I started today. Audio Connections is a cool place. I get 5% commission on whatever I sell. Cool. However, I don't actually get to start selling on my own for a week or two, at least not until I figure out how to sell stuff better, but I'm sure you all know how that goes, and if you don't I don't really care.

Ok, this post is starting to get a bit long and all you avid readers out there know how much I hate rambling, so I will sign off for now.

Until next time, I bid you adieu...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

More blogging fun...

Ok, so its time for me to see Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and hopefully it will live up to its heavy expectations and unusually positive critical acclaim. I've been a fan of the saga for many years, although I am proud to say I'm not as "into it" as this guy is.

Another interesting site I've found is It is a free poker domain where anybody of any age can play a serious game of no-limit Texas hold-em, or just about any other form of poker you would like to play. No money is involved, so its great for me :)

Well, I'm sad to say that my amplifier isn't working again... A Rockford-Fosgate RF2002 which has up to this point given me the satisfaction and ecstasy I have come to expect from Fosgate. Luckily, the folks up at Rockford Corp are understanding enough to take my amp in for a second checkup. The first time I sent it in, they replaced the "turn-on circuit" and then told me to recheck all my wires. Sure enough, I checked all my wires, and even hooked up new temporary Hot and Ground wires to test my recently "fixed" amplifier, but was upset to find that even by attaching a wire from the remote terminal to the B+ terminal still didn't cause my amplifier to turn on. After fiddling for a few minutes, and bridging the two terminals together repeatedly, my trusty amp turned on and I got the chance to listen to my newly replaced 12" Sony P5's, which resounded with amazing, booming glory. However, this good fortune did not last and soon my amp resumed its former symptoms of faulty circuitry... So now I must part with my amp yet again.

Ok, that's enough for now... I've got a whopping total of three (3) people who look at this site so in order to not lose most of them, I will end my rambling and continue waiting in anticipation for the conclusory episode of the ever-enthralling Star Wars saga!


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hey, this is more fun than i thought!

So, whats up, peeps?

Sorry, but as of yet, there really isnt anything having to do with audio to post, im still taking all of this blogging thing in, and so far, its pretty enjoyable! My brother just told me that the hardest part was keeping up with it... do you think posting again an hour later is overkill?

Well, the new thing in my life is the end of my near-year long journey at the great establishment of JCPenney's. As of today, May 18, 2005 at 6:31 PM, my official letter of resignation was submitted because of employment elsewhere. It was a melancholy day for me, but i think it is for the best. Conditions there are beginning to change to an unfamiliar and uncomfortable level, so, its not like I'm really leaving somewhere ive come to love.

Audio Connections sounds like a very interesting opportunity though. They deal with competition level audio and i think if i can get my foot far enough in the door there, I may be able to find out if I want to do this as my career or not.

On a couple side notes...

  • "Unleashed," starring Jet Li and Bob Hoskins is a very impressive movie. It's action is unsurpassed in my book... I don't think i've ever cringed so many times and simultaneously had such a huge grin on my face. Jet Li is suprisingly emotional with his acting, and if you put Morgan Freeman as a supporting actor in any movie, you will have an emotionally enthralling movie that just about anybody can watch. If I had a girlfriend, I think i would actually take her to see this movie, despite the fact it is an action movie with blood and stuff.
  • BT is amazingly talented. Quite simply, he is my favorite dance/trance artist and with hits like "Godspeed," "Mercury and Solace," "Madskillz," "Never Gonna Come Back Down," "Somnabulist," "Force of Gravity," etc., etc. how can you not be amazed at how brilliantly he has polished his craft? As an example, if you can get ahold of "Knowledge of Self" off of his album "Emotional Technology," and if you like this genre of music, begin listening at 4:40 for an aural experience you won't soon forget (oh yeah, be sure to turn the volume up... hehe)

Peace out, yo


A new day has come...

Well, I am sad to say that I have succumbed to the enticing call of "blogging" in this fast paced world of technology where voyeurism has apparently become so rampant and publicly acceptable that individuals are willing to post seemingly intimate details about their lives on the World Wide Web for everyone and their pet parakeet to see.

Wow, from that introduction, you can tell I'm really psyched about this whole thing, cant you?
The whole basis of me starting this blog is because two very influential people in my life have begun their own blogs and seem to be enjoying the free reign of saying whatever is on their minds. I figured that since I have a unique interest among my close friends, starting my own blog was the only logical step that would follow :)

As you can tell from my name, I am a self-proclaimed Audiophile, and the "purpose" of this site is to mainly talk about things relating to audio, but as I am a very scatterbrained individual, there is little doubt in my mind that topics will eventually digress to very interesting tangents.

Now that the introductions have been completed, its time to get onto the fun stuff... i.e. actually crafting this website into something I can be proud to present to my friends...